Likes4good is a crowdfunding platform that uses your good deeds to fund nonprofit causes!

When you share your own good deeds, or help others promote theirs, you earn crystals on Likes4Good, which you can spend to fund real-life non-profit causes. There’s no catch, and it won’t cost you anything. Feel the impact of your good deeds! Inspire others! Make a difference!

likes4:good is a social good engine, where people come to be passionate about helping others and spread acts of community kindness. Our platform is an environment where caring for one another is the norm. What we’re here to do is give you the microphone to stand up and make your actions heard and recognized.  We want your passion to shine through and encourage others to do the same. We already live in a society where we use “likes” in a way that doesn’t necessarily create change. At likes4:good your likes mean votes, which equals change and progress for others. Your one deed creates a domino effect in increasing global good; it encourages others to share their experiences and bring awareness to issues that may not get as much attention.  All of this leads to an expanding universe of social connectivity.  We want to fund as many of these needs as possible, with you at our side. Join the movement and start contributing to change in the world now!



Make a real-life impact; help real-life needs.

Share your story; inspire others to do good.

Meet people who share the same passions.

Create your own kindness profile


Get your needs funded and inspire good deeds around the world.
Get the word out about your organization, and how to help.
Connect with sponsors and users who support your causes.


Build a Social Responsibility Profile that proves your commitment to making a difference. Here is why it’s important.

A Kindness Report showing the needs your company has funded, and the deeds your funding has inspired.

Connect with not-for-profit organizations and help them achieve their goals.

Tell the world about your company.

You want to make a social impact. You know customers are much more likely to support a business that helps local charities and gives back to its community. You want to show both current and future customers that you believe in social responsibility, and have done something to act on that belief.

Likes4Good provides corporate sponsors with an opportunity to prove their commitment to social responsibility and to make an impact that their customers will see and value. Corporate sponsors receive a unique code that allows their employees to link their good deeds to their employers and even compete with each other, allowing you another way to show how you are giving back to the community. Each corporate sponsor gets a social responsibility profile that shows all the needs that they have funded as well as all the good deeds from users inspired by these needs. Your social responsibility profile offers the opportunity to dive deeper into the statistics of your social responsibility initiative too. With our enhanced statistical analysis, you can see which types of nonprofits you have sponsored or even their geographical footprint.

We call it the sponsor’s kindness report, and you can use it to prove to your customers and communities that you take social responsibility seriously, and have backed up your commitment with real-life actions.