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Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials. You need something scary to overcome. – Margaret Atwood

GIVE Episode 5, Combatting Homelessness in LA

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In Episode 5 GIVE visits two organizations in Los Angeles helping out with homelessness.

Obama after election- “The path of this country has never been a straight line, we zig and zag…”

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President Obama addressed the America for the first time following the results of Tuesday’s Presidential election and seemed surprisingly optimistic about the country moving forward. This current election has made politics spill into every other part of our lives where we try to keep politics out of it. He reminded us of one thing that I [...]

Feminism, Gender, and Growing Up

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By Mallory Roberts I heavily identify as a feminist now, and I like to think I’m a good feminist ally. I try to advocate for the rights of those who don’t get to have as loud of a voice as I do, mainly women and men who are people of color, from stricter countries with stricter regulations on the rights of women, and transgender people. As a [...]

Fighting the Digital Divide

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Originally written Spring 2015 By Andrew Jones  As the Internet is increasing in size everyday, minorities and low-income communities are being left behind. Not only is there a lack of access to technology, there is also a lack of knowledge on how to use certain technology. America is transitioning from a consumption of product culture to a [...]

Imagine1day: Voluntourism Done Right in Ethiopia

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By Paula Stefanini  Today, wanderlust is a common word among millenials, and for good reason. With the proliferation of travel blogs and social media accounts, people are more exposed to the cultural benefits of traveling — especially abroad. Getting to see the most magnificent places on earth, experience the traditions of different cultures, [...]

Sorry Summer, Fall has my heart now

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Dear Summer Sixteen, You will never be forgotten, but its time that I let this go. We had our time and i’ve grown over the past few months with you, but its time to switch gears and get out of this relaxed mindset that you bring. I won’t forget the long nights, the adventures through city, or the hangovers that you contributed too. [...]

American Dream Reconsidered Conference – Recap

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What does the American Dream mean today? That was the topic at the first American Dream Reconsidered Conference, held at Roosevelt University. The conference was a week long event, that featured panels and discussions on Immigration, education, globalization, and other issues concerning the American Dream. I was only able to attend the [...]